INSPIRATION: Withdrawn by Luke Jerram

This weekend we took a brilliant trip to Bristol, in part to see the new artwork by Luke Jerram - Withdrawn.

Walking your way through the very special Leigh Woods - fresh green spring leaves and dappled sunshine make this a particularly good time of year to visit - you stumble across a flotilla of abandoned fishing boats. A comment on climate change, extreme weather, falling fish stocks and our impact on the marine environment, it definitely provokes thoughts and questions.

Admittedly, although it was a perfect time to explore the woods, we went on a Saturday afternoon and there were an annoying amount of selfies being taken... But you could totally still see the poetry of it. Perhaps the best way to experience it though would be to go in to the woods at dawn, or dusk, or even in the middle of the night - if your nerves can take it!

Withdrawn will be in Leigh Woods until September 2015 and there are some brilliant looking events on there all summer.